English Listening Practice 1: The US Election


English Listening Exercise 1:

  1. Listen to the audio the first time and see if you understand everything.

  2. Listen to the audio again whilst reading the transcript below. Did you understand it correctly the first time?

  3. Now try listening to it one more time without the transcript. Was it easier to understand?



After the US election ended in November, 2020, Joe Biden was decided as President of the United States. Although Biden has already won, the Trump Administration, and Trump himself, have both said Joe Biden cheated. Trump has refused to accept his loss and is asking to have the votes recounted across the United States. Joe Biden is set to take over as the US President in January 2021, but everyone is wondering if Donald Trump will accept the loss and congratulate Joe Biden on winning. Although this is the election of only one country's president, it was watched very carefully all across the world. Many people are interested in American politics because what happens in America often creates ripples around the globe. What do you think will happen next year? Will America easily accept their new president, or will there be more drama to this story?



The Trump administration (/ trʌmp /, / ædˌmɪn əˈstreɪ ʃən /): The people who Donald Trump gave jobs to to help him to run the American government whilst he was president.

Cheat (/ tʃit /): To do something that is against the rules to win.

To be set to do something(/ sɛt /, / tʊ /): When someone is ready or prepared to do something.

Ripple(/ ˈrɪp əl /): A movement on top of water that spreads. This can be used to mean that something causes an effect on something else.

Drama(/ ˈdrɑ mə /): Some events that are crazy, emotional, and/or loud. Drama is normally very public.


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