English Listening Practice 2: Moving home


English Listening Exercise 1:

  1. Listen to the audio the first time and see if you understand everything.

  2. Listen to the audio again whilst reading the transcript below. Did you understand it correctly the first time?

  3. Now try listening to it one more time without the transcript. Was it easier to understand?



We recently moved house to the west side of Paris. Although we had many things to move, we had lots of great friends to give us a hand. They also helped us to redecorate the house. We had to paint the walls, remove some doors, and to clean the floors. We have recently purchased a lot of new furniture, and our apartment is starting to feel like a home. We also have a forest near our house where we take the dog for a walk every day. We are trying to explore the local town as much as we can and try the new restaurants in our area. We love our new home.



To move house - To change where you live. Even if you lived in or moved to an apartment you should still say that you move house.

To give someone a hand - To help someone with a task they are doing. This could be something small like washing the dishes or something big like helping someone move house.

Decorate or Redecorate - If you decorate your house, it's normally for an event or holiday, such as Christmas, New Year or Easter. You will normally put up decorations for that special event, like balloons for a birthday party or a Christmas Tree for Christmas. However, in the story above, I said redecorate which is not the same as decorate. To redecorate is to changed how your house looks. This is normally by painting the walls and/or doors, buying new furniture, or building something in you house.

<--- Christmas decorations

Redecorating the house --->

Furniture - The large items that you use daily in your home, such as a sofa, a bed, cupboards or a desk.

House or Home - A house is building where people live. It normally house 1 or 2 floors, but it can have more. A home is where you live, but this can be anywhere, like an apartment, a house, a tent, a car, even a cave. We normally say somewhere is a home if we like the place.

Forest - a large area containing many trees and other plants.

Explore - To look in an area where you have not been before, normally to find/see new things.


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