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  1. How can videos help me learn?

  2. Studio Ghibli

  3. Example 1: Spirited away

  4. Example 2: Princess Mononoke

  5. Example 3: Kiki's Delivery Service

  6. Example 4: Ponyo

  7. Final Word

  8. Word Definitions (All the words in bold in this article are defined here)

How can videos help me to learn a language?

Movies have always been one of the best ways to learn a language. You have the opportunity to listen to real English being spoken, whilst also watching an interesting story filled with action, romance, or laughter. If you want to learn English and you don't enjoy reading, watching movies might be perfect for you. If you have a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, you may be able to find lots of movies to help you learn English without having to actually buy the movie you want.

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is an animation studio based in Tokyo, Japan. They have produced many movies since they started in 1985. I have watched almost all of their movies as they are all so different, yet incredibly interesting. One of the great things about Studio Ghibli movies is that, because it is so popular, the movies are all dubbed or have subtitles in many languages. That means you could watch the movie in your native language with English subtitles, or in English with the subtitles in your native language.

I have posted four recommendations below, each a little different from the last. Have a look and see which one might suit you:

Example 1: Spirited away

Spirited Away is a story about a young girl who gets trapped in the spirit world after her family accidentally visits a ghost town. She has to find a way of convincing the owner of the local bathhouse to free her and her parents before it's too late.

Example 2: Princess Mononoke

A young man from a small tribe battles against many different factions just to try and help his family survive. He gets caught up in a fight for nature when he bumps into a princess of the forest.

Example 3: Kiki's Delivery Service

A young witch sets out into the world to start her life and find her calling. When she finds the city of her dreams, life doesn't exactly go as planned. Luckily for her, she discovers that her skills are actually very useful but in a totally unexpected way.

Final Word

Watching movies in another language can be very difficult. You really have to concentrate to follow the story, but it is an easy, interesting, and (sometimes) free way of learning English. Keep practising, and it will become easier :)

Tell us what movies you recommend for learning English in the comments below!

Word Definitions

Streaming service: A company or business that lets you watch videos or listen to music online. Examples include Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, or Spotify.

Animation studio: A company or business that creates animated movies and tv shows. Famous examples of Animation studios are Disney and Pixar.

To produce, verb (/prəˈdyus/): To make/create something.

To dub something, verb (/ dʌb /): To change a movie or a song from the original language to a new language. For example "The Mandalorian, the new Disney TV show, was dubbed into Spanish, French and Italian."

Recommendation, noun (/ ˌrɛk ə mɛnˈdeɪ ʃən, -mən- /): To tell someone about something because you think it is good and/or you think they might like/enjoy it. For example "I have some great restaurant recommendations for you this weekend."

To suit you: What something is good/looks good for/on you. For example "That hat really suits you!", or "You seem to suit your new job well."

To be trapped: To be somewhere that you can't leave or in a situation that you can't get away from.

Accidental, adjective (/ ˌæk sɪˈdɛn tl /): Something that was not planned or wasn't intended to happen.

To convince, verb (/ kənˈvɪns /): To try to make someone do something or feel the way you want them to.

Tribe, noun (/ traɪb /): A group of people who live together in a community, normally away from society, who also have closely related family and a great sense of community.

Faction, noun (/ ˈfæk ʃən /): A group of people who normally have an idea or belief that is against other people's.

To get caught up in something: To accidentally be in a situation that you were not supposed to be in at the time. This is normally a negative/bad thing.

To bump into someone: To accidentally meet someone who you didn't expect to. This could be someone you know or someone you have never met before.

To find your calling: To find a job or an activity that you are very good and/or you really enjoy.

To discover, verb (/ dɪˈskʌv ər /): To find something that you haven't found before. For example "I discovered a new type of music this weekend." or "The ship discovered a new island in the middle of the ocean."

Unexpected, adjective (/ ˌʌn ɪkˈspɛk tɪd /): Something that you did not think you would see/experience.

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